Our History

The Pikes Peak Corvair Club (PPCC) traces its roots back to August of 1960, when Mr. Don Green of Colorado Springs had the foresight to organize a new car club, appropriately named the “Colorado Springs Corvair Club”. Don, who was one of the top salesmen at Daniel’s Chevrolet, was the founder, and the first President of the first Corvair club in the world, right here in Colorado Springs. The Club still maintains the original scrapbooks from that period in our archives. Those scrapbooks represent a very important and interesting part of not only the history of the Corvair, but our Club as well.

Fast forward to September 1977 when a group of enthusiasts from the Pikes Peak Region revived the Club, with the modest goal of preserving the Corvair automobile & related artifacts. Officially recognized as the “Pikes Peak Corvair Club”, the first elected offices of the club included; Gabby Markey (President), Jim Wood (VP), John Dowswell (2nd VP), Evelyn Halverson (Secretary), and Merrill May (Treasurer).

​By February of ’78, the club had grown to more than 30 members and a formal set of by-laws had been approved by the membership. So the next logical step was to submit an application to the Corvair Society of America (CORSA) to become an affiliated chapter of that organization. In March 1978, that Chapter request was approved and the Pikes Peak Corvair Club was identified by those in the CORSA community as “Chapter 809”.

​In April of 1982, the PPCC drafted their Articles of Incorporation and registered as a Nonprofit Corporation with the State of Colorado. Our Board of Directors at the time included; John Glusick, Mark Swomley, Marchia Shuck, John Koll, Don Crombie, and Pat Markey. Today, the club is governed by six Board members; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, the immediate past President, and one member-at-large from the general membership.

​Our purpose remains the same; to encourage the acquisition, preservation, restoration, exhibition, and enjoyment of Corvairs; encourage the preservation and distribution of technical information pertaining thereto; promote sociability among members of the organization; promote the exhibition of Corvairs and related vehicles.

​In 2021, the Club celebrated its 44nd year as an organized car club, and our members today are some of the most active and engaged Corvair owners in the region.  Whether it’s a trip to the yearly Tri-State gatherings, a Fall Cruise, or just attending a local car show, we love this unique automobile, and the opportunities it provides for us to continue our long-standing friendships, and the ability to make new friends each and every year.